Teaching Services

Teaching is one of my greatest passions as a stylist and makeup artist. I love to empower women (and men) to create self-care routines that include not only hair and makeup, but also foster growth in personal style.



From one-on-one lessons to large classes, I can customize your look to match your personality. In the mood for a night on the town, let me help you create a dramatic flair that's sure to be remembered. 


Your hair is your "crowning glory" and a reflection of your own inner wishes and desires. I teach my clients every day how to love their hair, maintain and care for their hair, as well as create styles that best compliment who they are as well as their lifestyle. 



Styling and Organization

We've all heard it before "but I don't have a style." But you do! You have an inner style that wants to break free. I will help you tap into that style, nurture it, and feel more confident about who you are.

Feel like everything is a mess? You have so much piled up you can't even think about sitting down. If this is you, then it's high time you chat with me about what is holding you back from living out your best life.